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Newest addition - Added April 3, 2004
24 vidcaps from the series, "Puppets Who Kill".
This is a recent performance of hers. Aired March 26, 2004.

320 vidcaps from the movie, "Kayla".

79 vidcaps from the show, "Mythquest - The Minotaur".

97 vidcaps from the show, "Goosebumps - Vampire Breath episode".

272 vidcaps from the movie, "Song Spinner".

27 vidcaps from the introductory scene of the series, "The Adventures of Shirley Holmes".

81 vidcaps from "Shirley Holmes" - The Case of the Real Fake here.
Leslie Wolos, the webmistress of Meredith's official site also appears in this episode.

90 vidcaps, 79 small and 11 large, from "Shirley Holmes" - The Case of the Calculated Crime here.

115 vidcaps from the series, "Big Sound". More coming soon.

More caps from other episodes of "The Adventures of Shirley Holmes" will be here very soon, as well as some video clips from the series. If you have joined my mailing list, you will be notified each time I add new material.

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