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Entry #76

Entry made April 15, 2004

Name: Carmen Araujo Aguirre
Location: Patty
Email: estelacot@hotmail.com

Your Homepage: meredithhenderson
Your Homepage Description: Pretty

Is very good and funny.Iam not speak spanish,sorry

You is very pretty

Entry #77

Entry made April 29, 2004

Name: veronica
Location: somewhere
Email: queenicks_18@yahoo.com

not really!!! no comments or anything

hello!!! i love ur sites and thanks to mike he make this site and it's nice people come here and sign the guest book well

Entry #78

Entry made May 5, 2004

Name: Anthony M. Scala
Location: New York City
Email: anthonys@population.org

Thanks for all your efforts on the web site. It's really packed with excellent information. I really appreciate it.

Thanks so much for your most recent e-mail.
I showed it to my niece. She was really excited.
I wish you great success in your career and even more happiness in your life.

Best regards,
Anthony Scala

Entry #79

Entry made May 15, 2004

Name: caitlyn
Location: LA
Email: caitlyn_64@yahoo.com

nothing to perfect :)

hello and hi , and than'x for mike on making this website.... i like da design thing and da guest who sign it.....
find happiest around u :) smile alot

Entry #80

Entry made May 21, 2004

Name: katherine
Location: LA
Email: katherine_hugs08@yahoo.com

coool!!! i luv ur sites dats all here for now??? n i think ur talents r wonderful great no comments der....:)

Entry #81

Entry made June 2, 2004

Name: ally
Location: earth
Email: badangel_15@hotmail.com

Your Homepage: didn't make it yeat

it's soo cool more than the others .. i like meredith henderson alot ..

hi , well , i hope that meredith reads this :
i like you alot & i love your hair cut i wanted to do just like it but my parents didn't let me .. too bad huh ?
now i'm 16 but when i turn 18 i'll cut it ..
& i'm doing this site about these celebs i like & well .. i like you .. so i hope that the maker of this site don't mind if i took some pix ... bye

Entry #82

Entry made July 5, 2004

Name: Bruno Horvath Juliani
Location: Brazil
Email: tai2004@hotmail.com

This site is fun.

Meredith i loved your shows , your are really pretty please contact me one day

Entry #83

Entry made July 5, 2004

Name: george pope
Location: Falls Church, Va, USA
Email: gvpopejr@Cox.net

Great for a photo-surfing freak like me. Was going to make a tiny suggestion, but decided not to inasmuch as long as there are links available there is no need to make additional information research easier for freaks like me. GVP

Entry #84

Entry made July 8, 2004

Name: fran
Email: blazzinbxbella@aol.com

big fan of the show -and I have a question - I watch Mythquest on Ch.13 on sunday mornings and they always play the same ones! I was wondering - did the show not make anymore episodes? AND! do Cloe and Alex ever find their dad and bring him home? If anyone has the answers to these questions please email me! thanks

Entry #85

Entry made July 9, 2004

Name: Jacob McEwan
Location: Australia
Email: macca_country_rock_artist@hotmail.com

Hey Meredith! I just wanna say how much I love you! I've got most of your movies and most of 'shirley homes'! I would love it if you could email me! i would like to know how to get an autographed photo of you if possible! but if you could email me just to say hi that would really make my day! i'm 17 this year but i think you're turning about 21? your birthdays in november i think isn't it? anyway i'm glad i found this site and like i said i'd be honoured if you coule find the time to email me! good luck with your future! you're an excellent actress!
luv jacob

Entry #86

Entry made July 26, 2004

Name: Jamal
Location: Morocco
Email: bljm@hotmail.com


i'm Jamal Bakkal,i live in Morocco My nationality is morocaine .
I speak arabic,french and little english.

Entry #87

Entry made August 21, 2004

Name: Duy Thanh Nguyen
Email: masoi221989@yahoo.com

I have seen you on tv . You looked very petty with long hair, brown eyes , but now you cut it'sshortness. I would like make friend with you , do you agree? I find it was late to not meet you sooner.Do you know I am very glad to see you on here. I find you acted very good ,so I admire you much . Sucess to you more everyday. Try your best to act and do more on movies . I always encourage you everytime , everywhere.
send some words when you read this

Entry #88

Entry made August 24, 2004

Name: duy thanh nguyen
Location: vietnam
Email: masoi221989@yahoo.com

Entry #89

Entry made September 5, 2004

Name: Derem Loman
Location: Nairobi, Kenya
Email: thetrappereagle1@yahoo.com

Your Homepage: http://www.geocities.com/thetrappereagle1/the_trapper.html
Your Homepage Description: Still working on it.

Its cool Thumbs up to yeah.

Habari. Wzzzzzzzzup!

Entry #90

Entry made September 23, 2004

Name: Anthony M. Scala
Location: New York City
Email: anthonys@population.org

Thank you for this wonderful site. My 11 year old niece and I are huge fans of Meredith Henderson. Your site has a lot of information and it is really well done.

Dear Meredith,
My niece and I want to wish you continued success in your career. We both think that you are a brilliant actress and we wish you the best of luck in the future. We both hope that you have many exciting new projects on the horizon. Health and happiness always. Best regards to your family.

Anthony Scala and his niece Kasey

Entry #91

Entry made September 29, 2004

Name: Peter
Location: Greece
Email: petros10@pathfinder.gr

This Site is very beautiful! I'm a new Meredith's fun.

You are a fine actress.
I'm from Greece and now a litle Tv Channel shows "The Adventures of Shirley Holmes". So I know you. Go on!

Entry #92

Entry made October 30, 2004

Name: Paul G Mazzola.
Location: Scituate
Email: Paulgmaz68@hotmail.com

Your Homepage: Hotmail.com
Your Homepage Description: I like to have fun with my computer.

I think your site is very good keep up the good work and I like the picter's too very nice job and I hope that you can get more picter's so people can see them okay?

Hi I'm 5.6 I work 3 time's aweek so I can look good and to feel better about what I look like.
I have MSN so you can chat with me or you can E-mail me it up to you okay?
You are a very nice person and I would like to be your friend okay?
Thank you from your new friend Paul G Mazzola.

Entry #93

Entry made November 12, 2004

Name: Duy Nuyen
Location: vietnam
Email: lexfox_7@hotmail.com

I have never seen the website is beautiful like that before. The colour and everything are greatly mysterious .

Hi Meredith,
Hoping to make friend you . Success to you and your carree. Receieveing from you.

Entry #94

Entry made December 5, 2004

Name: Lex Fox
Email: lexfox@canoemail.com

Web is beautiful and I am excited with chatting to Meredith .Can you ask her for if she read my mail she can send some words to me? Thank you much

Entry #95

Entry made December 10, 2004

Name: Mathias Granfors
Location: Finland, Espoo
Email: mathias.granfors@luukku.com

N'ice web site.

Like your work :D
Seen almost all of your appearences on "The Shirley Holmes adventures" and it's a very good show, but sadly they cancelled it four years ago. Keep up the good work and good luck to your career!

Entry #96

Entry made December 31, 2004

Name: Pedro
Location: Portugual
Email: dragonight@hotmail.com

When I discovered this site I was so happy that I scream...I hope honestly that Meredith answer me please!!!!!

I think that I've sent to you a message right now...read this please and answer me for my mail, of course!!!You big 16 years old fan:Pedro.

Entry #97

Entry made February 11, 2005

Name: Sandro
Location: Coimbra,Portugal
Email: sandro.marques@gmail.com

Your Homepage: www.slbenfica.pt
Your Homepage Description: the site of my favorite footbal team

Pretty cool


Entry #98

Entry made February 27, 2005

Name: Pedr Lopes
Location: Portugual
Email: dragonight@hotmail.com

This is a very interesting site because I think I can communicate with my favourite actress:Meredith Henderson.It's very good that Internet have this kind of sites because the experience of talk with one of our idols is always very good.I hope to be listened...I think I will.....

To start I would to say that you have very talent...so I wait to see you on TV movies.....Do you want to be on Hollywood?You are a very good detective.I think that you make a movie you all you soul...it's very important,in my opinion, do our work with our spirit...and only this way we can touch the hearts(I'm a musician)...GOOD LUCK Shirey Holmes...=)Pedro.

Entry #99

Entry made March 6, 2005

Name: majed
Location: U.A.E
Email: benmajed45

hi babe
am a big fan of urs

Entry #100

Entry made March 6, 2005

Name: hamad
Location: uae
Email: xavir_27


hi i want to meet u coz i am a big fan of urs

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