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Entry #1 (by Webmaster)

Entry made March 8, 2001

Name: Mike secord
Location: Brockville, ON Canada
Email: webmaster@beautifulcelebrities.net; or webmaster@mikeswebsitedesign.net

How I became a fan of Meredith is quite an unusual story, but in a nutshell, here it is.

I first watched "The Adventures of shirley holmes" about 1― years ago. There was a lady I liked very much, but we were never more than friends. She moved away a few years ago and she has a daughter who looks exactly like Meredith. Her daughter was a very special person too. I was just flipping through channels to see what was on, and when I saw Meredith, she caught my attention because of the resemblance. I decided to watch the show, and found it very interesting. I started watching the show regularly and researching the net to find out more about Meredith and what other shows she was in. A year and a half later I decided to make this site.

Message: (To Meredith)
Thank you Meredith for the memories you brought back just because of who you look like, and thank you also for the wonderful job you do in your acting. I hope your acting future goes exactly the way you want it to.

One of your oldest, 37 to be exact, fans,
Mike Secord

Entry #2

Entry made March 9, 2001

Name: Dina
Email: dina2000@quepasa.com

Good luck Mike!!! :-)

Message: (To Meredith)
The Best for you, now and forever!!! :o)

Entry #3

Entry made March 17, 2001

Name: Alison
Location: Ottawa
Your homepage: destined.to/brottaway
Your Homepage Description: BROTTAWAY; Broadway 2 Ottawa

Message: (To Meredith)

Entry #4

Entry made May 19, 2001

Name: leslie wolos
Location: Vancouver, bc
Email: vinnie_oatmeal@hotmail.com

Your Homepage: www.geocities.com/meredithhenderson
Your Homepage Description: The Official Meredith Henderson Site

Mike, you've done an awesome job with this site! Thank you for making the Big Sound clips accessible to all the fans. Keep up the great work!

Message: (To Meredith)

Entry #5

Entry made May 26, 2001

Name: Carrie Pettigrew
Location: Canada :)

It's nice to see a new site dedicated to Meredith, she's a great actor.

Message: (To Meredith)
I love your acting!

Entry #6

Entry made May 26, 2001

Name: Dina
Location: Mexico

Very Nice!!
I love it!!
So, congratulations, excellent work!

Message: (To Meredith)

Entry #7

Entry made June 2, 2001

Name: Dandoun
Location: Lebanon
Email: dandoun_88@hotmail.com


Message: (To Meredith)
Hi! How r u? Hope fine. gtg bye

Entry #8

Entry made June 5, 2001

Name: painkillr
Location: nyc
Email: painkillr@yahoo.com

Hey, I like the design of your site. Also your material seems very thorough, but I have to ask...What country shows these tv shows? I don't recognize any of them from the US (and I watch *a LOT* of tv ;-)

Entry #9

Entry made June 14, 2001

Name: Mark J. R. Henderson
Location: Ottawa, Ontario
Email: henderson@novacomm.com

Your Homepage: www.tangleroot.com
Your Homepage Description: Official Website for Tangleroot

Mike, I am Meredith's father. I would like to commend you on the great work you've done on this website. Keep up the good work.

Reply by webmaster:
Thank you. It's nice to know that the work is appreciated, especially by family members. Meredith deserves all the publicity she can get. She is a great actress. I also added your site to the links page. I meant to do that earlier, but never got around to it.

Entry #10

Entry made June 18, 2001

Name: Carolina
Location: Chile
Email: lorien138@latinmail.com

Message: (To Meredith)
My name is Carolina, I live in Chile in Punta Arenas. I would you like write me


Entry #11

Entry made June 22, 2001

Name: Preston
Location: Ontario, Canada

Hey good site. I really like it. Keep up the good work.

Entry #12

Entry made June 25, 2001

Name: Carolina
Email: lorien138@lainmail.com

it is excellent website

Message: (To Meredith)
My name is Carolina. I live in Chile. I see you serie "The adventures of Shirley Holmes" everyday I would like you write me

Entry #13

Entry made June 27, 2001

Name: Max Stonfield
Email: max2238@hotmail.com

Much better!

Message: (To Meredith)
I'll never stop thinking that you are one of most quote girls in Canada!, That's it!

Entry #14

Entry made June 30, 2001

Name: Ana Claudia
Location: Brazil
Email: bafv18@hotmail.com

Message: (To Meredith)
I love the Adventures of Shirley Holmes and Meredith please write me.

Entry #15

Entry made July 3, 2001

Name: Otto
Email: ottorasanen@artic.net

They are good, Meredith. They are good

Message: (To Meredith)
What kind of sport do you like? I like basketball, icehockey and football. Have you any sisters or brothers?

Entry #16

Entry made July 3, 2001

Name: Joaquin
Location: Uruguay
Email: Joaqui11@adinet.com.uy

This is a very nice site.

Message: (To Meredith)
You are the better actress in the world. The series The Adventures Of Shirley Holmes, it's the better.

Entry #17

Entry made July 4, 2001

Name: Paola Radiche
Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Email: Radiche@hotmail.com

Your Homepage: -----------------------------------
Your Homepage Description: --------------------------------

I think you`ve done a great job.Itīs a really cool site.
Keep on the good work.

Entry #18

Entry made July 16, 2001

Name: jacqueline  alexa minjarez corona
Location: Mexico
Email: eliminjarez@hotmail.com

Your Homepage: shirley holmes
Your Homepage Description: mex

the adventures of shirley holmes is perfect

Message: (To Meredith)
congratulation for you show

Entry #19

Entry made July 24, 2001

Name: Jenny Moloney
Location: Canada
Email: britbritbabygurl@hotmail.com

I really like this site and I hope this site will stay up cause I find most of my favorite sties are going down so keep this up please thanx

Reply: (by webmaster)
Don't worry, I plan to keep it up for a long time, and keep working on it. :o)

Entry #20

Entry made July 26, 2001

Name: Melissa Dahmer
Location: Europe
Email: filthyangel@clix.pt

What a great site! But the quiz was too easy... I started watching "The Adventures Of Shirley Holmes" when I was 13, and it really helped me to be more positive about life, because at that time I was in a christian school and everyone hated me because I liked Metal music and painted my nails black (and I still do), so they thought I was a Nazi and practiced witchcraft, among other silly stuff. They spreaded lies about me for 3 years and I was almost driven out (I don't know if this is the right term...) of school, accused of things I never did. Fortunately, I could watch the show everyday and it really made me feel a lot better. I'm 16 now and I quit the christian school a year ago. Thanks, man!

Message: (To Meredith)
You're a GODDESS and Your acting is excellent.
P.S.: You're drop dead gorgeous too!!!

Entry #21

Entry made aug 20, 2001

Email: KATE_1985@MAIL.RU


Entry #22

Entry made Aug 24, 2001

Name: Alex
Location: Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA
Email: aramirez3607@aol.com

Really good site!!! Is one of the best site on the internet about Meredith. Keep up the good work.

Message: (To Meredith)
Hi Meredith. It would be nice to know you, although impossible, but I think you are one of the most cute and beautiful actresses. Keep up your good work, and I hope to see you in a lot more shows. I wish you the best luck in your career.

Entry #23

Entry made Aug 25, 2001

Name: CharliE B.M
Location: Rio de Janeiro - Brazil
Email: meredith@ieg.com.br

Your Homepage: www.meredith.hpg.com.br

Mike my friend, how things goes? Hope everything is fine.
Is wonderful to know that we are not alone, after all is almost impossible that some day we can possible see both Big Sound or MythQuest, hope iīm wrong... Iīm looking forward to see all pics from Myth, keep up the good work man ..

See ya

Message: (To Meredith)
Nobody answers my e-mails :)

Entry #24

Entry made Aug 27, 2001

Name: CharliE B.M
Location: Rio de Janeiro - Brazil
Email: meredith@ieg.com.br

Your Homepage: www.meredith.hpg.com.br

Just as i thought, impressive, sheīs better than ever !

By the way, MythQuesT is about angels ? īcause that what I saw lotīs of angelīs pictures. N° 15 is my favorite. :D


Thanks again for bring us this "little-big" present..

See ya

Message: (To Meredith)
Hey Meredith , your hair seems to be a little short again ...
but itīs beautiful like always was. :D

Entry #25

Entry made Aug 27, 2001

Name: Mike (webmaster)
Location: Brockville, ON - until this weekend
Email: webmaster@beautifulcelebrities.net

Your Homepage: You're at it now. :)
Your Homepage Description: About the beautiful and talented Meredith Henderson

Message to visitors:
Welcome everybody. Over the last few months I have found that there are a lot of people out there who admire Meredith and enjoy this site. :)

Message: (To Meredith)
Hi Meredith,
I just want to publicly say how much I enjoyed the new show. I look forward to watching and capturing images and clips from future episodes of Mythquest, and of course any other shows you get a part in. I would be very proud to have a daughter with your talents. :) I know your parents must be very proud of you.

I hope you enjoy your career and don't ever let the pressures of acting get to you.

Your friend,

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