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Name: Meredith Janet Anne Henderson
Born: November 24, 1983
Family: Parents - Mark and Laura
2 sisters - Beki and Beth
1 brother - Noah
1 nephew - Austin (son of Beki)
Location: Currently living in Toronto with her fiancÚ, agent and business partner, James Henderson.
Meredith's Acting Credits
Year Appearance Details
1995 The Song Spinner "movie" Aurora
Very nice "old days" style movie.
1995 Goosebumps "TV series" Cara in "Vampire Breath" episode
The Adventures of Shirley Holmes "TV series"
series details
Shirley Holmes
Very nice series for people who like
adventure, comedy, and imagination.
1997 Kayla "movie" Jaynie
Jaynie helps a neighbour build
a sled for a dog race.
1998 You, Me & the Kids "TV series" Alix (Guest appearances)
2000 The Fearing Mind "TV series" Catherine (Guest appearances)
2000 Big Sound "TV series" Phoebe Sutton
Phoebe is the daughter of a music
business owner.
2001 Myth Quest "TV series" Cleo Bellows
2001 A Wind at My Back Christmas "movie" Anna Schiller
2003 1-800-Missing "TV series" Sara Denton in "White Whale" episode
daughter of a suspected serial killer
2003 Puppets Who Kill "TV series" in "Pizza Boys Are Missing" episode
2003 The Eleventh Hour "TV series" one of 5 mormon wives
2004 Stranger at the Door "movie" Tara Norris
2004 Queer as Folk "TV series" 16 year old girl named Callie Leeson
episodes 4.11, 4.12, 5.4, 5.5, and 5.6
2005 Beach Girls "TV mini-series" Young Maddie
2005 Shania: A Life in Eight Albums "movie" Eilleen Shania Twain
2006 Heartstopper "movie" Sara Wexler
2007 The Dresden Files "TV series" Nikki Slovak/Caryn Harris
"Rules of Engagement" episode
2007 The Best Years "TV series" Hillary Dunbar
"Notorious" episode
2007 Everest "TV mini-series" Marlene
2008 A Flesh Offering "movie" Emily
2008 Jumper "movie" Fiona
2007 Shut Up and Deal "movie" Producer & Executive Producer
If anyone has more info, or corrections, please email me.

Quote from an email Meredith sent to me:
Most recently I am working on a guest spot on the American television show "Queer as Folk" where I'm playing a 16 year old girl named Callie. She is so far in two episodes. Before christmas I shot a movie for the Lifetime Network which should air in April I've been told, called "Stranger at the Door" which is a suspense thriller style film. It was actually really cool to shoot cause we shot it in my hometown of Ottawa which I never thought would happen. Ottawa's actually getting quite a film base now which is great. Before that I was in an episode of the CBC show called "The Eleventh Hour" where I played one of 5 mormon wives. Now that was quite an experience especially since my 'husband' was old enough to be my father!! It definetly put a whole new spin on the idea of marriage for me. I'll never look at a ring on my wedding finger in quite the same way. It was quite fun. Talk about stepping out of your shell though. :o) Before that I shot a few scenes on the hilarious comedy network show called Puppets Who Kill where 4 of the main characters are, you guessed it, puppets. The first season I hear was pretty raunch and wild, but the episodes I've seen of the new season are hilarious. Another first was experienced on this as I got the chance to make out with a puppet; "Bubbles". :o) And last but not least, my very first job when I moved here to Toronto; a guest spot on the television show "1-800 Missing" where I played the daughter of a suspected serial killer. Now I know the 1-800 Missing episode has aired, but all the rest have not yet. I don't know when they will though I've been told that they'll let me know, but that's what they told me about 1-800 Missing and I only saw that cause my Dad called saying "You're on, you're on!" Oh well, part of my job. I'm always the last to know. :o) That's pretty much all that's new. I've got a few auditions coming up so I'll make sure to keep you posted on what's happening. Life is good though. I'm loving living in Toronto despite the fact that it's cold. I love it!!:o)

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